The Episcopal Diocese of Utah is a collection of 25 congregations (and others in formation) as well as other ministries serving most of Utah and northern Arizona. Our Church also participates in well known ministries such as food banks, camp and other youth programs, as well as interfaith organizations. We have been a part of Utah’s history since 1867, and are proud that our contributions include the establishment of schools, a hospital, and various other social outreach projects for all people. The Diocese is part of The Episcopal Church (TEC), which has churches in the United States, Latin and Central American, Asia, and Europe. Our Province (TEC) is also part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. We are an openly inclusive community. Our Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Scott B. Hayashi continues the commitment of inclusive outreach.

We intend that to be understood as non-discriminatory regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, gender or wherever one might be in one’s spiritual journey. Nearly half of those leading our congregations are women. Most of our congregations practice open communion. We also have services in both English and Spanish languages and in the Ute language whenever possible. We invite you to visit The Episcopal Church Center of Utah located in downtown Salt Lake City or one of our churches. Introduce yourself to the people and clergy, and we will welcome you with a whole heart. You will find links to all our churches in the “Find a Church” link on this website. Contact us with any questions at 801-322-4131 or 800-343-4756.

There are 25 congregations in the diocese, which stretches from northern Utah to northern Arizona.

Province VIII

The Utah Diocese belongs to Province VIII, the largest province in geographical population of the nine provinces in The Episcopal Church. Visit their website.

Mission/Vision Statement

This mission/vision statement was affirmed by the 96th Diocesan Convention, September 2001, in Logan, Utah.

The mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah is to offer a faithful and abiding witness to the risen life of Christ, as that is made known to us in scripture, the Anglican tradition, our roots in this 19th missionary diocese, and in our own experience. Being a small church in a large geographic area, we rejoice in our freedom to live boldly into the challenges and opportunities of the gospel.

Convinced that the Church needs the involvement of everyone for us to be truly whole, we seek to encourage all our members, from children and teens to adult seniors, to take their part. Our hope for the next five to ten years is to work together to build, strengthen, and extend our ministries within and beyond our own faith communities, according to the twelve areas of special emphasis named at our Convention 2000:

  • Prayer and Worship
  • Governance
  • Communication
  • Pastoral Care
  • Educational and Spiritual Development
  • Stewardship
  • Facilities
  • Evangelism
  • Justice
  • Hospitality
  • Service
  • Ecumenism