Bishop Hayashi joins Utah leaders in sponsoring ballot initiative for Medicaid Expansion.

Bishop Hayashi makes a point at press conference

After the state legislature failed to accept millions of federal dollars to provide healthcare for nearly 134,000 Utahns, Bishop Scott B. Hayashi teamed up with Utah Senator Brian Shiozawa, the Executive Director of the People Health Clinic, the AARP and concerned citizens to bring the issue directly to voters. The group is convinced Utah voters want the health coverage for their neighbors and the economic boost from an estimated 1000 new medical jobs that Medicaid Expansion can bring.

The usual press gather for the press conference

The increased coverage would cost taxpayers about two-cents sales tax increase for every 10 dollars they spend to trigger the federal dollars for funding health coverage for our most vulnerable citizens. The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News covered the press conference at the Capitol where the initiative was launched. See the Tribune story…/backers-file-paperwork-to-put-utah…/ The Deseret News Story is at…/Full-Medicaid-expansion-a-ste…


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