Blessings – and Power – Flow from ECOR’s Solar Panels

Why was a crowd of people standing on the lawn at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection (ECOR)
in Centerville on a sunny Saturday morning, May 14th? And why were they all looking up?
The answer is power – the power of a commitment to make their church less of a burden on the earth’s resources and to gratefully welcome the energy that comes free from the sun every day. The crowd was celebrating the blessing and dedication of the new solar power array.
The Rt. Rev. Scott B. Hayashi, the 11th Episcopal Bishop of Utah, stood on a ladder in his ecclesiastical vestments to sprinkle holy water and bless the 96-panel array in the hope that parishioners will remember the source of their power and share their commitment to faith.
Centerville Mayor Paul Cutler, Craig Bruderer from Rocky Mountain Power and several others addressed the group, expressing the hope that others who see the installation will be interested in using renewable energy to power their own homes and businesses.
Church members will be able to monitor the power produced by the solar array by logging on to using the
e-mail address and the password “godslight.” It shows the electricity output from moment to moment as well as over time along with the revenue produced for the church by selling their excess back to the grid.
Looking up as they enter the church for years to come, everyone will see the solar panels reflecting the sky and perhaps be reminded of their constant prayer that God’s “will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

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