Cannon 22


Section 22.1
The powers, functions and duties of the Council shall include those as may be
prescribed in the Constitution, Canons and resolutions of the Convention.
The Council shall develop, adopt and monitor the annual budget of the Diocese,
advise the Bishop on financial issues, oversee Diocesan programs, engage with the Bishop in
strategic planning, develop and periodically adjust Clergy compensation guidelines, and perform
such other work as may be committed to it by the Bishop.
Authority delegated to the Council by Canons or by resolution of the Convention
shall belong to the Council as a whole. The Council may assign to its organizational
substructures, by resolution or through its bylaws, such powers and responsibilities as it is able,
and sees fit to assign. Except as provided in the Canons, a permanent or irrevocable grant of
powers to any such substructure is not authorized.
Section 22.2
Membership, Terms
The Council shall be composed of the Bishop, and, if there is one, the Bishop
Coadjutor, six (6) Clergy elected by Convention, one (1) lay person elected from and by the
Northern, Eastern/Southeastern, and Southern Regions, two (2) lay persons elected from the Salt
Lake Region, and five (5) lay persons elected by Convention. The ex officio members, having
seat and voice, without vote, shall be the Executive Officer, the Treasurer and a representative of
the Standing Committee.
The term of members shall be three (3) years; however, a member shall remain in office
until his or her resignation or his or her successor has been elected. If the vacancy occurs more
than ninety (90) days before the next Convention, the Diocesan Council, acting as the
Convention-in-Recess, shall nominate and vote to elect an at-large representative to fill the
position until the next Convention. Regional representatives shall be replaced by a meeting of
the regional body to nominate and vote to elect a regional representative to fill the remainder of
the term.
No member who has served a full three (3)-year term shall be eligible for
reelection until a period of one (1) year shall have elapsed.
Members shall be divided into three (3) classes serving staggered terms.
The officers of the Council shall be a president who shall be the Bishop; a vice
president and a secretary, both of whom shall be elected by the Council from among its own
members. In the absence of the president, the vice president shall be the presiding officer.

The Council may enact all necessary bylaws for its governance, subject to the
provisions of the Constitution and these Canons and keep a record of the proceedings of its
Section 22.3
. No person who is a Member of the Standing Committee shall
be eligible to serve on the Council other than as an ex officio member.
Section 22.4
Annual Report
. The Council shall annually report in full to the Convention