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Results of Diocesan Convention 2018 Elections

Thank you to all who submitted nominations for the open diocesan offices. The results of the election held at our 2018 diocesan convention are as follows: Diocesan Council- Clergy order: The Rev. Trace Browning Eastern/Southeastern Rep, Lay Order: Don Phillips SL Rep, Lay Order: Russ Pack Standing Committee- Clergy Order: The Rev. Gabriel Atem Lay Order: Joyce Mitchell Treasurer- David Lingo Disciplinary Board- Clergy Order: The...
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Thank you to Ascension Saint Matthew’s

The diocese would like to extend a sincere thank you to the congregation at Ascension St. Matthew's for hosting our 2018 diocesan convention. We appreciate all the effort that was put into making this a successful and enjoyable convention for all. A special thanks to Melanie Hamilton for the...
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Presiding Bishop Graces Cathedral with Sermon

Presiding Bishop Michael Bruce Curry preached at St. Mark's Cathedral on Sunday, April 2nd, following Diocesan Convention. People filled the cathedral to see The Presiding Bishop and hear his sermon.  He passionately spoke about the ultimate love that Jesus Christ showed in his sacrifice on the cross. He explained how that kind of love can change the...
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