Getting Ready for the 150th

As the Diocese prepares for its 150th year in Utah… the Anniversary Task Force continues its work.

The Rt. Rev. Scott B. Hayashi has selected a task force from throughout the diocese to suggest a legacy ministry as a bold statement of our 150th year as a voice, a source of social justice and of course, a major religion in Utah and northern Arizona. The Committee met under the direction of The Rev. Terri Heyduk to discuss the work of subcommittees that are cataloging existing ministries, the changing demographics of Utah, and our place in the future. The committee is also planning events to commemorate the historic anniversary. The committee will be seeking additional help from others in the diocese and working with congregations. Committee members will report to the Diocesan Convention March 31-April 1, 2017 with a p
reliminary report. The 150th anniversary observance kicks off at Diocesan Convention, which will be held at the RL Hotel (formerly the Red Lion) in Salt Lake CIty. The Presiding Bishop, The Most Rev. Michael Curry will attend the convention to mark our milestone.

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