Healthy Diocese

healthyweightDiocese Joins Utah Partnership for Healthy Weight

As people of faith, we believe our bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit. As embodied people, we glorify God by taking care of ourselves. A culture of health is paramount in the culture of our Diocese. For it was our Diocese that established Utah’s first hospital, Utah’s first nursing school, and tirelessly worked for safety and humane treatment of our early miners and rail workers.

Please join with me to renew our efforts in being God’s stewards on earth in preserving and protecting our Lord’s greatest gift—ourselves.

—the Right Rev. Scott B. Hayashi

Email your tips! As we all help each other, please share your tips by emailing us!

1. Congregations are encouraged to use smaller plates at potlucks, coffee hours, and other functions

2. Ask children in the congregation to place their vending machine money into UTO boxes, rather than in candy or soda machines

3. Offer apple slices or other fruits as an alternative to cookies at functions


Please notify the Diocese about upcoming health events in your community and with your congregation. The Bishop will address the issue at the Diocesan Convention. Additionally, St. Mark’s Cathedral is scheduling a health fair.