Sudanese choir and dancers are a diocesan treasure

The ordination of Gabriel Garang Atem offered a chance to see the  All Saint’s Sudanese congregation is a treasure of the diocese. The Lost Boys and Lost Girls of the Sudan represent not only one of the world’s greatest story of courage, but one of the world’s greatest stories of faith for those who walked the desert for years never knowing if they would see the blazing sun rise the next day. Many of us observers at the ordinationcan never imagine the journey of faith present in Gabriel+ and in the congregation. The grace of the Lord  defines the ministry of Gabriel+. That ministry is shown and shared with the joy present in the Sudanese congregational choir and dancers. Again, many of us can never even imagine the journey of faith witnessed in the choir and dancers–many who also shared the desert with Gabriel. And many of us will never know what was in their hearts at the moment of the laying on of hands that helped ordain and sanctify Gabriel as he continues to lead and teach us all a story of faith. Here is a brief video reflecting the joy through the choir on Oct. 1, 2016

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