Bishop Hayashi's Message for Epiphany

celebrate and observe a festive season of the Lord

New Rector Begins at St. Paul's SLC

Rev. Kurt Wiesner begins his ministry Feb. 14th

Episcopal Day at the Legislature, Feb 5th

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Episcopal Diocese of Utah Welcomes You

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Bishop offers comments concerning LDS Church press conference

I applaud the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in offering support for legislators to pass fair access to housing and employment for LGBT people. I also applaud the leaders for calling for the end of bullying those who may not believe as others may believe. I have steadfastly cried out to stop bashing philosophical opponents. That practice has become a hallmark of today’s political discussions. It is a brave thing they have done. I expect that in trying to establish a middle ground position, they will receive criticism from both directions.

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VOLUNTEER NOW! for General Convention 2015

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.25.51 PM Plan now to help welcome fellow Episcopalians from around the world to The Episcopal Church General Convention 2015. Bishop Hayashi and the Diocese of Utah cordially invite you and your friends to join in volunteering to make this a memorable convention. Click here for more volunteer information  Register here now to volunteer  Members of the wider community and all faiths are welcome to participate. Choose to volunteer 4 hours, 40 hours, or more depending... Read more

Our Heritage of Outreach

The Diocese of Utah recognizes the wonderful outreach performed by our churches. We also have outreach that is funded in part or in whole by your diocese. Several programs grew out of congregational ministry and others are part of our DNA as an outreach diocese for all. As a member of the diocese, you are part of that outreach also. Often these are ministries that quietly operate without you knowing about them. Here is a two-part video. ... Read more