Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry and his staff, Utah Bishop Scott B. Hayashi, and the clergy of the Diocese of Utah welcome you to the Episcopal Church in Utah and Northern Arizona

Bishop Hayashi joins Utah leaders in sponsoring ballot initiative for Medicaid Expansion.

[caption id="attachment_3642" align="alignright" width="150"] Bishop Hayashi makes a point at press conference[/caption] After the state legislature failed to accept millions of federal dollars to provide healthcare for nearly 134,000 Utahns, Bishop Scott B. Hayashi teamed up with Utah Senator Brian Shiozawa, the Executive Director of the People Health Clinic, the AARP and concerned citizens to bring the issue directly to voters. The group is convinced Utah voters want the health coverage for their neighbors and the economic boost from an estimated 1000 new medical jobs that Medicaid Expansion can bring. [caption id="attachment_3645" align="alignleft" width="150"]Read more

Donate to Episcopal Relief and Development: Urgent need after hurricanes

Join thousands in the Episcopal Church in donating to the Episcopal Relief and Development hurricane funds. ERD is there to help all people in devastated areas regardless of religious affiliation. We also note our brothers and sisters in the Episcopal Church have been devastated in the Caribbean. There are over 50 Episcopal Churches in Puerto Rico and a dozen in the Virgin Islands. The fate and the needs of many of our parishioners is still unknown in much of the Caribbean. To donate please visit the Relief and Development Fund website here.... Read more

Bishop’s Fall Message

Fall is the time many people return to a normal church life with choir, Sunday school and the end of vacations. Bishop Scott B. Hayashi reflects on how people are returning at a time of anxiousness and uncertainty in our world and in our lives. He offers hope and prayer through the grace of Jesus Christ.   ... Read more

Regional Celebrations to celebrate the sesquicentennial

You are invited to join Bishop Scott B. Hayashi at the regional celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of the Episcopal Church in Utah & Northern Arizona. There will be five events to celebrate the sesquicentennial. The next event will be in the Uinta Basin region on October 14, location will be announced shortly. The celebrations have been organized by geographical region. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend any (or all) of the celebrations, with proper RSVP. The regional events started in the Southeast Region at Moab. A highlight of the celebration was The Rt. Rev.... Read more