Keynote & Opening Address

2024 Diocesan Convention

Keynote & Opening Address

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The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright
The Diocese of Atlanta

Keynote Address

Join The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, Bishop of the Diocese of Atlanta, as he delves into the complexities and joys of Christian life. Known for his compelling storytelling and deep faith, Bishop Wright explores how embracing discipleship can transform challenges into opportunities for hope, joy, and growth. He illustrates the Christian call to empathize deeply with others. Bishop Wright discusses the many ways we encounter God, from worship and music to nature and community engagement, emphasizing the unwavering trustworthiness of God even in difficult times. This engaging session will leave you reflecting on the ultimate triumph of love over all adversities. 

The Rt. Rev. Phyllis A. Spiegel
The Diocese of Utah

Bishop's Address

In this video, The Rt. Rev. Phyllis Spiegel explores the impactful legacy of Bishop Paul Jones, a pivotal figure in the founding of Episcopal Relief and Development. Despite his removal from the House of Bishops, Bishop Jones’s dedication to addressing diocesan needs and fostering community engagement left an indelible mark on the diocese. Bishop Spiegel discusses the evolving role of lay leaders and the vision for a future less dependent on clergy, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of the Diocesan Council in fundraising and strategic planning for the Retreat and Conference Center. Join Bishop Spiegel as she reflects on transformative initiatives and the enduring spirit of service in Utah. 
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Watch the Workshops of the 2024 Convention

The Right Rev. Rob Wright
Bishop of the Diocese of Atlanta

Joyous in Discipleship

The Right Rev. Rob Wright, Bishop of the Diocese of Atlanta, will share from his life and ministry experience to further explore the concept and call of divine joy. As we will hear in his keynote address, Bp. Wright has a deep theology of joy. He challenges his diocese to make room for the Holy Spirit to work within their worship and ministries as an expression of the disciples’ call to be agents of joy in the world. You can hear his theology and his joy reflected in his weekly podcast, “For People with Bishop Rob Wright” found on most platforms.
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The Rev. Cn. Terri Heyduk
Retired Clergy of the Diocese

Joyous in Ministry

The Rev. Canon Terri Heyduk.  At Baptism, we pray that the Lord will sustain the baptized and give us inquiring and discerning hearts and the gift of joy and wonder in all God does with and for us.  All of us are part of the ‘big picture’ – the Church’s “mission to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ” (BCP 855).  That mission is carried out through the ministries of all its members.  Each of us has been given gifts for ministry which we discern through our experiences and in relationship to God, one another, and our communities of faith. Let’s explore together how our ministries embolden our faith, strengthen our relationships, revitalize our congregations and communities, and open our hearts to that gift of joy and wonder bestowed at Baptism.

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Carolyn Ershler
Community of Hope

Joyous in Companionship

Community of Hope. Mission Statement: Creating communities steeped in Benedictine spirituality, to serve others through compassionate listening. Please join Carolyn Ershler, Cathedral of St. Mark, for a discussion of the history of the Community of Hope International, its spiritual foundation in the Rule of Benedict, and an opportunity to practice the all-important ministry of providing a listening presence to those in need. We also want to gauge what interest there may be in the Diocese for forming other Centers similar to the one that the Cathedral Church of St. Mark has hosted for the past 20 years.

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The Rev. Jason Prati
New Albany, Ohio

Joyous in Worship

The Rev. Jason Prati is joining us as a workshop leader from his parish, All Saints, in New Albany, OH.  Father Jason will share the innovative formation work he is doing in an offering called “Alive”.   With over 100 people attending in person and another 100 online, this intergenerational offering, deeply rooted in Jesus, teaches the traditions of our faith and then uses the culture and context to give creative expression to the liturgies and worship of our faith.  You can hear an introduction to this program on the All Saints, New Albany website found here:

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Dr. Shannon Burke
The Cathedral Church of St. Mark

Joyous in Outreach

Beyond the Walls: Following Jesus into the Community. Shannon Burke, Cathedral of St Mark, and participants will explore the vibrant ministry of The Cathedral Church of St. Mark at The Point as a model for ecclesiastical outreach and discipleship beyond the confines of the church building. Drawing lessons from The Point, we will examine how authentic discipleship calls us to follow Jesus out into our neighborhoods. The session will offer attendees a blueprint for expanding their ministry’s reach and emphasizing the joy and spiritual growth that arise from genuine engagement with the wider community. Through interactive discussion, a case study, and strategic planning exercises, participants will be equipped with tools to transform their church’s approach to outreach.

Debbie Matticks and Carol Gentner
St. James Episcopal Church

Joyous in Fellowship

Definition of Biblical Fellowship: ‘holding our lives in communion’, ‘the act of sharing and participating in activities of mutual interests and delight’. Debbie Matticks and Carol Gentner, St James, will offer examples of fellowship offerings throughout the diocese to gain an understanding of the importance of fellowship as a vital part of the culture of the church and our faith tradition.  There will be a focus on the fun and meaningful nature of fellowship extending beyond ‘coffee hour’.  In worship, we serve God, in fellowship, we serve one another with the opportunity to get to know each another better – to become friends rather than just acquaintances.

Photos from the 2024 Diocesan Convention