Tuttle School of Discipleship & Ministry
Equipping the Faithful to be Visionary Leaders

Tuttle School Of Discipleship & Ministry

The Vision of The + Tuttle School for Discipleship and Ministry is a vibrant and thriving church in which the Diocese equips the faithful to be visionary leaders. 

Our Mission is to provide resources for high quality theological education and formation at the diocesan local level. While the program is primarily for those preparing for ordination to the diaconate, it is also open for all who are committed to deepening their understanding of the Jesus movement, to strengthen their ministries, and/or discern their path as disciples. It is also open to those interested in lay leadership and for all committed to deepening their understanding. 

The TuttIe School is in partnership with The Iona Collaborative, an outreach program for educating and forming lay leaders and deacons for the Church of the Seminary of the Southwest (SSW) in Austin, Texas, which provides the resources to develop “high quality, standardized programs for educating and forming deacons and priests for the Church”. Their core values are ‘educational excellence, local adaptability, collaboration, visionary leadership, community, and transformation.’


Curriculum: The Tuttle School program consists of core curriculum in Scripture, Church History, Theology, and Ethics. The Tuttle School is a one year program for those interested in lay licensed worship leader training and personal spiritual deepening. As well as a two year program for those interested in lay licensed preacher or the diaconate. The program also offers extensive coursework in practical theology, homiletics, pastoral ministry, spirituality, theology of diaconate, congregational leadership, and other areas for formation. Upon successful completion of the two-year diaconal studies, a student may be awarded a Certificate in Diaconal and Academic Studies by the Seminary of the Southwest. 

Academic Calendar. Available here. 

Instructional Delivery: Students of the program will be granted access to the Iona Collaborative’s on-line curriculum, which includes lessons, power-points, and video lectures presented by SSW faculty. Students will watch videos, complete assigned readings and written assignments between teaching weekends. During the teaching weekends, students will continue their learning as a community with the guidance and support of a mentor as facilitator of their learning. There will be a strong focus on integration of academic learning and spiritual formation. As the weekends will involve worship, study, and shared meals, an added benefit will be the building of lasting relationships of collegiality that carry forward after completion of the program and into shared ministries of serving. 

Teaching weekends will be on Friday evening, Saturdays, Saturday evenings, and half day Sundays. Time together will include a variety of opportunities for community worship, shared meals, study, and spiritual deepening. Sessions will be devoted to core curriculum as well as practical and ministerial practice. Currently the language of instruction for the curriculum is English. At this time, some of the video presentations for Bible study are sub-titled in Spanish. 

Application and Admission: Interested students will fill out an application form and provide additional documents as needed. The application is available here. 

Cost: $750 per year. Scholarships are available. 

For more information on +Tuttle School, email: tuttleschool@episcopal-ut.org 


"The Tuttle School was a godsend for me in the recent era of COVID-19 related social isolation.  Even though we had to meet via Zoom for several months, we have been able to develop a strong, supportive community and our community has only grown stronger as we have recently been able to meet in person again.  Many thanks to the students and staff of the Tuttle School for the social, intellectual and spiritual gifts they have given me during a challenging time!" 

Brandon Burningham

"I was so excited when the Diocese of Utah offered the taste of Tuttle a few years ago. I thought they are finally offering something for us lay people, not just those seeking ordination. When I went to get Father Pablo’s signature he said – great, we will set up a discernment committee. I told him emphatically no. I am not seeking ordination. I am doing this for me. I want to deepen my understanding and hopefully bring back something to the parish. About a year later I really felt the Lord was asking me if I was saying no to him every time I said no to others when asked about being ordained. This has happened a number of times over the last 45 years. So, I went to Father Pablo and shared with him and we started the discernment process. I knew I couldn’t say no to God and I would leave it up to the process if I was being called to be a deacon. I am still in the discernment process and ask your prayers. I also encourage you to come participate in Tuttle and grow in your Christian walk, become part of a learning community and learn to ask the hard questions." 

Deanna Anderson, St. Stephen's/San Esteban

"My experience at Tuttle school was very experiential besides the academic studies offered. The interaction with peers brought such a diverse perspective to church history and to my own formation. I found all courses to be challenging and engaging in a positive informative format. Discussions were enlightening and exciting. As each Tuttle weekend came to a close, I was already looking forward to the next weekend. The course materials and books will be part of my personal portfolio as I discern my spiritual path forward. I highly recommend the Tuttle School for those wishing to grow spiritually in ministry and formation. As an alumnae, I hope to join you in future classes. 

Gidge Sundquist

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