Check out Diocesan Social Media

As you check social media, be sure that you take a look at the diocesan Facebook page, Bishop Scott B. Hayashi’s page and don’t forget to look for your own congregation’s page.

People throughout our diocese and our community are taking notice of diocesan social media accounts since they were re-established in January of 2017.

Since then, diocesan Facebook page “likes” have increased from 751 to 946. Page reach has extended beyond the audience of our diocese, with posts getting thousands of views and hundreds of shares.  The “Bishop’s Birthday Message” is one of the most recent successes. It was viewed by over 5,000 people.

Twitter and Instagram have also seen an increase in traffic and engagement – with many people retweeting and sharing content.

Please take a moment to visit our social media pages, where you’ll find prayers, information about and photos of events. Social media is a great way to strengthen relationships within the diocese and is becoming an invaluable resource for outreach.

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