Diocesan Communications Office Livestreams GC79 Worship Services

For the third General Convention in a row, the diocesan communications office produced and directed the streaming of all the daily worship services. The diocese brought its new totally software-based system and five cameras to Austin to offer angles of worship from the perspective of the clerics, choir, and congregation.

Diocese of Utah Livestream Director Halee Oliver says the diocese used a new state-of-the-art software-based system because it can be updated to the latest technology easier than hardware.

Diocese of Utah Communications Director Craig Wirth also says new technology allowed for innovations including what they called “altar cam” that was mounted on a truss next to the ceiling of the massive space. He said, “It allowed a chance to see the celebrant in a way never before possible at the massive altar.”

All was assembled on a Media Hub for both live and on-demand viewing. The Hub can be found on the church website, or directly here.

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