Venue Announced for Bishop Ordination/Consecration

The Transition Committee joined the Standing Committee and Bishop search consultant The Very Rev. Ron Clingenpeel in a retreat at the ECCU to adopt subcommittees and organize its flow chart as it takes on more roles in the process of the selection and ordination of a new Bishop. The two-day event was held August 7th and 8th .

The Transition Committee will be responsible for the logistics and organization of “Meet and Greet” sessions of candidates selected as finalists from the search process. Additionally, the committee organizes the April electing convention while providing pastoral care for candidates before, during and after the electing convention. The Transition Committee serves in collaboration with the Standing Committee for the service of ordination of the new bishop and activities surrounding the service. The new bishop also uses the Transition committee for assistance in resettlement, especially if the new bishop comes from out-of-state. One of the final tasks will be to create a a going-away activity for Bishop Hayashi and Amy as we offer our profound thanks for a decade of ministry.

The logistics also include selection of venues for the ordination and various other functions. Most of the venues such as the location of the service and host hotel are selected a year in advance of the events.

The Transition Committee consists of co-chairs Russ Pack, St. Paul’s SLC, and Nancy Tanner, St. James. Members are Canon Rev. Terri Heyduk, Pam Holliman of the Tuttle School, Kristin Madden, St. Paul’s SLC, Robert Lloyd, St. Mark’s, Carolyn Roll, St. Mark’s, Josie Stone, St. Mark’s, and Beth Wolfer, All Saints.

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