Update from the Transition Committee for the Bishop Search

Transition is difficult, even in the best of situations, because, as we all know, change tends to create stress.  In the case of a transition in the episcopate, many people’s lives are significantly affected: the incumbent bishop; the diocesan staff; the people who serve in leadership roles in the diocese; the diocesan clergy; and the bishop-elect.

With the joyous election of the Rev. Phyllis Spiegel as our Bishop-elect on April 30, 2022, your Transition Committee moves into our next phase of responsibility which is celebration and support. 

This is a time of great excitement for our Bishop-elect.  She has all of our prayers and good will from the people of the Diocese but the next few months will surely be overwhelming with emotion and time demands.  The Transition subcommittee for the Support of the Bishop-elect will work closely with Bishop-elect Spiegel to assist in moving, housing, answering questions and supplying information that will help her to be comfortable living in Utah.

The transition of any episcopate is a long, stress-filled period for the diocesan staff.  People cope with anxiety differently and the Transition committee will be available to members of the staff during this time with support and encouragement.

The Consecration subcommittee has already been working for several months to coordinate the many different tasks that relate to the ordination and consecration.  Some of the tasks include arranging for the site for the consecration, the Capitol Theater in downtown Salt Lake City, was finalized last fall; rooms have been blocked at Little America, our host hotel; leaders have been arranged for all areas of the service; and Bishop-elect Spiegel is working with the subcommittee in the planning of the liturgy and music. 

Over the next few months the people of the diocese will engage in the celebrations of the new episcopate of Bishop-elect Spiegel and sadness and good-byes for Bishop Hayashi as he moves into retirement. 

Everyone on the Transition Committee is excited for the next few months.  Look for a diocesan-wide RSVP form and further announcements about the ordination/consecration service, information about donations for gifts of vestments for Bishop-elect Spiegel, and notices of celebrations for Bishop Hayashi’s service to the diocese.

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