Highlights from the “Joyous in Discipleship” Diocesan Convention

The two-day Diocesan Convention at St. James’ in Midvale celebrated the theme “Joyous in Discipleship” with a blend of business, worship, and community activities.

The first day focused on church business, where two key resolutions were passed unanimously:

A small monthly stipend for Deacons to qualify them for the Church Pension Fund.

Lowering the quorum percentage for clergy (retired and working) necessary for convention business and bishop elections.

Elections were also held for various diocesan committees:

Standing Committee: The Rev. Jason Samuel (St. John’s, Logan) and Kristin Madden (St. Paul’s, SLC).
Diocesan Council: Renee Hollinger (Resurrection, Centerville), Clifford Gravett
Treasurer: Jim Palmer (St. James, Midvale).
Disciplinary Board: The Rev. Terri Heyduk (Retired) and David Reed (St. Mark’s, SLC).

The day finished with an outdoor Ecumenical worship service with vibrant music.

The second day of convention featured conversations, food, worship, and song. Highlights included:

Bishop Phyllis Spiegel awarding the Sara Napper Award to Lisa Jones for her dedication to Episcopal senior housing.

Acknowledgments for new and retiring church members, including Chancellor Stephen Hutchinson after 42 years of service.

The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, Bishop of Atlanta, delivered an inspiring keynote on “Joyous in Discipleship.”

Bishop Wright, The Rev. Jason Pratti, and other Episcopalian leaders hosted workshops that also explored this theme.

The Bishop’s powerful address and several videos, including “Tuniyay,” a documentary on the indigenous school at Whiterocks, were featured.

A memorable operatic rendition of Noah’s Ark by the children of St. John’s, Logan, concluded the formal events, followed by a closing Eucharist and commitment ceremony for new officers.

Visit our 2024 Convention Summary webpage to watch all the workshops and learn more!

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