COVID-19 Updates

St. Mary’s (Provo) Welcomes New Confirmands during COVID-19

Status of Our Congregations as the Pandemic Reaches into May

Most of our congregations are offering outdoor services, Zoom services, Facebook live, and/or a combination of all. A few of our churches are back in their buildings. Regardless of being in the building or outside, ALL are doing so with care and following the guidelines of the CDC, state and local restrictions or guidelines, and directives from the Bishop. These include masks, social distancing and strong recommendations that people are vaccinated or plan to be vaccinated as quickly as possible. All adults and a growing number of teenagers are now able to receive vaccinations. Please consult your local congregational websites, newsletters, or inquire locally to get caught up on the latest service offerings. Offerings are changing as the weather becomes more favorable, especially in the northern areas of the diocese, pandemic reports become more favorable in our area, and vaccinations increase. 

Again, Bishop Scott B. Hayashi is requiring masks and social distancing as young children have not been given the opportunity to be vaccinated and there are adults who may not be vaccinated in the service. All creates a vulnerability of spreading the virus. 

We will conduct camp sessions also with mandatory masks, social distancing, and activities that can be done within CDC guidelines, best practices of health and the directives of the Bishop. 

A Statement from
Bishop Scott B. Hayashi

March 2, 2021

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