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Joyous in Discipleship: The 2024 Diocesan Convention at St. James

2024 Diocesan Convention Held at St. James Episcopal Church in Midvale, Utah

Click above to watch the Bishop Phyllis Spiegel’s opening address to the 2024 Diocesan Convention.

Delegates and visitors join for ministry, fun, fellowship, worship, and governmental duties in “Joyous in Discipleship” 

The theme “Joyous in Discipleship” echoed throughout the two-day Diocesan Convention at St. James’ in Midvale. The business of the church occupied the first day as both resolutions before the body passed unanimously. One resolution offers a small monthly stipend to Deacons of the Diocese in order to qualify the clerics for access to the Church Pension Fund. That fund offers considerable assistance to church employees-both working and retired. The second resolution lowered the percentage of clergy (retired and working) needing to be present to constitute a quorum for convention business and for the election of a bishop.


The convention then turned to conversation, food, worship, and song.  Bishop Phyllis Spiegel awarded the Sara Napper Award to Lisa Jones, the retiring president of the Danville Corporation, which oversees the Episcopal senior housing facilities. Jones has been a tireless advocate and proponent of housing for the elderly creating warmth and dignity for the residents.  The banquet also acknowledged those new to the church and those retiring including Chancellor Stephen Hutchinson, who is leaving after 42 years of service. 

An outdoor Ecumenical worship service capped off the evening with lots of music. Bishop Spiegel has made the outdoor services a part of her conventions in the spirit of the “Rooted in Jesus” outdoor concerts that are also now part of diocesan life.



The convention also featured several videos, including the capstone documentary project, Tuniyay (Ute language for “Tell the Story.”) The video tells the sad and sometimes horrifying story of the indigenous school at Whiterocks, where our diocese has a church. That video will be shown in a diocesan-wide event in July.

A highlight to convention has to be an operatic rendition of Noah’s Arc as presented by the children of St. John’s, Logan. The performance was a wonderful way to end the formal part of convention. A closing Eucharist followed the opera with the traditional commitment to service by the new officers of the convention.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Atlanta, The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright furthered the “Joyous in Discipleship” theme with an inspirational keynote address. That address is found on this webpage. He then held an interactive workshop with convention delegates and visitors. Other workshops also took on aspects of the Joyous in Discipleship theme. Links to those workshops are also in this website. 
Additionally, the Bishop delivered a powerful address to the convention with is also found on this website page.


Coming to our Diocese: "Philadelphia Eleven" Documentary Tells Story of First Ordained Women

The award-winning documentary “The Philadelphia Eleven,” celebrating the 50th anniversary of women’s ordination in the Episcopal Church, will premiere in cities across the US, including Salt Lake City at Broadway Cinemas, on May 14, 2024. This feature film, which highlights the pioneering women who challenged church norms by becoming priests, forms part of a limited release in several cities. Each screening will be accompanied by discussions with clergy and subject matter experts, enriching the viewing experience and contextualizing the ongoing struggle for gender equality within church leadership.

Moderator: The Rev. Mary Janda, Retired (although serves as Chaplain to the retired clergy and also assists at St. James, Midvale, Utah (a suburb of Salt Lake City)

Panelists: The Rt. Rev. Phyllis Spiegel, the 12th Bishop of Utah. Bishop Spiegel is the second year of her Episcopacy in a diocese that first ordained women in the late 1970s and early 1980s (several as Title IX priests.) Bishop Spiegel is also the second woman to be elected as Bishop of Utah.

Kristin Madden, a long-time Episcopalian with years of activity in our Diocesan government and parish work at St. Paul’s, Salt Lake City, as a member of the laity. She is also serving again as a General Convention deputy.

The Rev. Canon Terri Heyduk, Retired. Canon Heyduk has been Interim Rector of several of our large churches as well as former Diocesan Canon for Clergy Support and Resources and former Diocesan Transition Officer.

The Rev. Ashley Gurling, Rector, St. Lukes, Park City. The Rev. Gurling is one of our newest priests. She also offers a perspective as having been a former member of the state’s predominant faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where women are not given the priesthood, or hold positions in the highest level of governance in the Church.

Tickets are available now by clicking here.


The Diocese also elected officers to fill the various committees and boards that govern our diocese. Those elected include:

Standing Committee:
Clergy: The Rev. Jason Samuel, (St. John’s, Logan)
Lay: Kristin Madden, (St. Paul’s, SLC) 

Diocesan Council

Clergy: Renee Hollinger, (Resurrection, Centerville)
Lay: Clifford Gravett (At-Large, St. Jude’s, Cedar City)

Jim Palmer, (St. James, Midvale)

Disciplinary Board

Clergy: The Rev. Terri Heyduk, (Retired)
Lay: David Reed, (St. Mark’s, SLC)

Utah Epodcopalians: The 150th Anniversary Celebration of Mt. Olivet Cemetery with Board Trustee Barry Wirth

Click above to watch the podcast.

The latest episode of Utah Epodcopalians features Barry Wirth, Episcopal board member of Mt. Olivet Cemetery. With the 150th Anniversary Celebrations of this historic cemetery this Saturday, learn more about this holy resting place tied to our Diocese.

On May 11th, we will honor the cemetery’s rich legacy with presentations by The Rt. Rev. Phyllis Spiegel, historians, and other officials commemorating over 36,000 souls laid to rest in these sacred grounds. Established in 1874 by President Ulysses S. Grant, Mount Olivet is the only public cemetery in the U.S. created by an Act of Congress. The Episcopal Church is on the Board of Trustees alongside other denominations, embodying a diverse, inclusive stewardship approach.

Saturday, May 11th @ 10AM

Location: Mt. Olivet Cemetery
1342 E 500 S, Salt Lake City 84102

Communications Department

The Rt. Rev Phyllis Spiegel

12th Bishop of Utah

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Bishop Daniel S. Tuttle formally started the Episcopal Church in Utah with his arrival in Salt Lake City on July 2, 1867. The Church became known for its social justice ministry with the creation of Utah’s first school system for children of all religions. Bishop Tuttle also started St. Mark’s Hospital to serve the thousands of miners who had no other health care options. He tirelessly traveled by stage and horseback to establish churches from Montana to Arizona.